What types of phones will Bellgram work on?

Bellgram works on any modern iOS or Android phone (we don’t support systems before iOS 8.3 or Android 4.4).

How many phone numbers can I use?

Currently, each user has one personal number. However, you can customize your phone system how you like, with different numbers for different departments. But your Company can have unlimited number of users (with each having their own phone number), and unlimited number of department (which can have a direct phone number assigned to each department).

Does Bellgram work outside of the U.S.?

At this time, Bellgram only works using cellular within the U.S and Canada. Out of the country, you can use the app as usual in VOIP mode. However, please send us a note here if you are interested in seeing Bellgram in a different country. We will be able to provision phone numbers in different countries in the near future, stay tuned!

What integrations are available for Bellgram?

Our mission with Bellgram is to fully integrate the work phone with the full suite of digital productivity apps you use every day. So far, you can use Bellgram with Salesforce, Slack, Google Apps, and Woopra. Have an integration you’d like to see added? Please email us your desired integration at [email protected]

How do I add a team member to Bellgram?

  • Go to Bellgram Admin Console
  • Click on the Team menu on the top bar
  • Click on Add User button on the top left
  • Enter the team member info in the Add User Form and hit Add User
  • An email is sent to the team member email address to signup

What’s the difference between “Internet Calls” and non-internet calls on my mobile?

When you turn Internet Calls “on”, you are using your data connection to make calls. It can be your Wifi connection in case you are connected to Wifi, or your mobile cellular data in case you’re not. But here you are not using your carrier calling minutes to make calls. Be aware that the quality may be lower when you are using Internet Calls depending on your data connection. Generally, it is fine.

Is calling or messaging from Bellgram included in the plan?

Your company is paying a monthly subscription fee for usage. You can make unlimited calls and send unlimited number of messages in the US and Canada. When you turn Internet Calls “off” on your mobile, you will be using your carrier minutes to call. Again, quality is better but unless you have an unlimited calling plan with your carrier, you may be charged additional fees from your carrier. Make sure you have an unlimited calling plan unless you are ok with the additional charges. Calling from your desktop (which is an Internet call) is not impacted. Messages from either mobile or desktop is not impacted either.

Am I charged for using Bellgram?

Your company is paying a monthly subscription fee per user. On the other hand, in case you are using your mobile and have “Internet Calls” off (not recommended unless you are traveling/roaming), then you may incur additional charges from your carrier in case you don’t have an unlimited calling plan in the US or Canada.

How to Integrate and sync your Company users/ Company Directory?

Currently we have a direct integration with Google User Directory in case you are using G Suite. In case you’re not using G Suite, you can add (unless you have done that already) your team members manually to the Bellgram team directory.

How do I Integrate and sync with our CRM?

  • Go to Bellgram Admin Console
  • Click on the Integrations menu on the top bar
  • Check if your CRM is included in the list of integrations
  • Click on the respective and follow the instructions to enter your credential and make a sync which subsequently keep your contact list up-to-date and log the interactions to the CRM
  • In case your CRM is not included, please make a request [email protected]; we are adding integrations on a continuous basis.

How do I integrate with Slack?

  • Go to Bellgram Admin Console
  • Click on the Integrations menu on the top bar
  • Click on the “Add to Slack” and follow the instructions to enter your credential.
  • Select from the drop-down the Slack channel you want to log your calls to.
  • When you receive a call on your Main Line company number or any departments, the incoming call gets logged into Slack including the routing and call distribution among team members.
  • Calls to any department are logged. Direct calls to/from Bellgram phone number are not Logged.

How to set up my Bellgram Voicemail?

  • If you want to set voicemail for the Company Mainline or any department, please go to the Bellgram Admin Console >> Departments
  • You can set up your Bellgram voicemail either from your (1) Web Admin Console or from (2) your mobile device.
  • To set up voicemail from your mobile device:
    • Open your Bellgram App >> Settings >> Voicemail Setup
    • You can either chose the default “robot message” or have your own “custom audio recording” by tapping on “record new”
  • To set up voicemail from your Web Admin Console:
    • Go to Bellgram Admin Console >> My Account
    • Click on “Edit Account”
    • You can either choose between a robot voice generated greeting by entering the appropriate greeting text or
    • Upload your own recorded greeting from your local computer drive. You can chose between (MP3, WAV, GSM, AIFF or ULAW formats)

How can I import a contact or a list of contacts from my phone address book into Bellgram?

  • Just to be clear, you are making a copy of the contacts from your phone book. So those contacts won’t be deleted from your address phone book.
  • Open your Bellgram App >> Settings >> Import Phone Contacts
  • You can tap “Select all contacts” to select all or tap on one of many contacts to select them
  • Tap on Import on the top right of the screen
  • Your contacts are imported into a List / Group called MyContacts. ONLY YOU can see those contacts. Your other teammates or company users won’t be able to see those contacts.

How can I create a private contact group or list?

  • In order to group or tag one or more of your contacts in Bellgram, go to either the (1) Bellgram mobile app or (2) Bellgram desktop app
  • From Bellgram Mobile App:
    • Open Bellgram mobile app
    • Tap on Contacts at the bottom
    • Tap on the burger menu on the top left, it slides to the right
    • On the left side of the screen, tap into “Manage Lists”. Scroll down the left pane in case it’s not visible
    • Tap onto “+ Add List” to add a list / group
    • Enter the list name in the text field
    • You should see the List name appearing among others
    • Now you can add or tag any contact with that list / group

Can I add a contact to a private group/list?

Yes, you can create a private list. Check #10 above
To add a contact to a private list:

  • From your mobile/desktop device:
    • Tap or click on the contact to open the contact profile
    • Tap or click on the “...” under Lists to open the Lists screen
    • Select the list or lists that you want to add the contact to by tapping on one of the checkmarks on the right side of the screen. You can’t add a Public list to the contact.

Can I add a contact to a public list?

No, you can’t add a contact to a public list. A public list is assigned by default to the following collection of contacts:

  • A file imported as a CSV file
  • An integration from a CRM such as SalesForce or other
  • Employee directory for the company that consists of all the users created for Bellgram in your company

Can I port a phone number to Bellgram?

Yes, you can port a phone number (s) to Bellgram. Please fill out the form: Link. There is no charge for doing that. It can take up to xx hours to get the number transferred.

Can I port a Bellgram phone number (s) out of Bellgram to a phone carrier?

Yes, you can port a phone number out of Bellgram. You need to ask your new carrier to file a form to do this. Check with your new carrier on how many days it takes them to do This.

What area codes are available?

We can’t guarantee the availability of a specific area code. We get those numbers from our provider who covers most metropolitan area codes in the US and Canada.

How to use Bellgram when traveling?

  • Desktop: no difference as you will be connecting to a wifi hotspot and make the calls and messages using the internet.
  • Mobile:
    • in case you are using your home SIM card, it’s advisable to switch “internet calls” ON (go to Bellgram >> Settings>> Internet Calls), and use your phone over wifi. Check your data plan with your carrier, some carriers cover data roaming charges.
    • In case you change your SIM card to a local one, still switch “internet calls” ON (go to Bellgram >> Settings>> Internet Calls) to avoid roaming charges.

Are contacts secured in the cloud?

Yes, we use secure storages at major cloud services providers: Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services, and we force only encrypted connections everywhere.

What happens when someone leaves the Company?

When you leave your Company, your boss or Administrator will turn off your Bellgram access from the Bellgram Admin Console. You won’t be able to access your Company (now ex Company) contacts anymore. Your Company (now ex Company) doesn’t have access to any of your “MyContacts” contacts as they were private and visible to you only.

Is international calling and messaging included in the plan?

No, international calling and messaging are charged separately. You need to activate international calling in Bellgram Admin Console and purchase a block of minutes. We have competitive prices. Check our international calling and messaging plans: LINK

What’s the difference between Round Robin and Priority Scheduling?

Priority scheduling: chose this option in case you prefer the calls to this particular department to come to the assigned team members in a specific order. Round robin: chose this option in case you prefer to distribute the calling load between different team members. The team members assigned to this queue will take an equal share of the calling to that particular department in turn.

Our Company CRM is not integrated with Bellgram, how can we add it?

In case you want to log calling and messaging info to your CRM or system but it’s not currently available in this list LINK, please email [email protected] to add you desired CRM to the list

What kind of applications can I integrate into Bellgram? How can I add mine?

CRMs, Directories, and any system that you believe will benefit from one or more of the following: call logging, message/SMS logging, voicemail logging.

Can Bellgram be running on mobile and desktop at the same time?

Yes, Bellgram can be used on mobile or desktop and we have apps available for the following platforms: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You can install the appropriate app on any of your devices. You can access any app using the same login credentials.

Can I provision a phone number in any country?

Currently you can provision only numbers for US and Canada. We will be adding more countries soon, stay tuned.

Why do you need access to my personal calendar?

Calendar access is required by our prediction algorithm in order to surface for your proper suggestions on who is the most probable person you should call. We use other signals as well from the Bellgram phone Calendar is a strong signal and is important to have it to get an enhanced experience to deliver on our promise of making you more productive by “doing work on your behalf”. Please keep in mind that we…

Why do you need me to grant permissions to push notifications on my mobile?

Your Bellgram mobile phone app won’t work properly in case you don’t grant the permissions. For instance, your phone won’t ring when you receive a call or you won’t get notified when you receive a message.

Why do you need to get access to my mobile phone book when I do an import contacts?

In case you need to copy some of your phone book contacts on your mobile to Bellgram, we ask permission to access your phonebook. It’s a highly used feature of the product as many business users keep some business contacts on their personal phone and would like to copy them to their Bellgram phone. Please keep in mind that those contacts imported from your phone book go to MyContacts list on your Bellgram phone and they are private for you and not shared with other team members.

Why do you need to get access to my camera on my mobile?

We ask for this permission to be able to take a photo of you for your profile, as well as taking a photo from your Bellgram Messages/SMS screen to be able to share it with others for business purposes such as notes on a board, etc.

Why do you need a credit card for the 30 day free trial?

We ask for your credit card in order to eliminate spammers. Our service is of a premium quality and there is a cost associated with using the system mainly calling or texting, so we want to eliminate the spammers during the 30 days free trial. We always have the option to cancel at anytime during this 30 day trial period with no obligations whatsoever. We are highly confident that once you try Bellgram, your business phone experience will never be the same.

Can I keep my Bellgram phone number after I leave the Company?

Your Bellgram number is the property of your company. So after you leave your company, your Company administrator or manager will usually disable your access to Bellgram. You may ask a permission to transfer this number to your new company but that’s not something we have control of. You need to have a special arrangement with your previous and new company.

Can I have two Bellgram phone numbers on the same mobile phone?

Unfortunately no. You already have your personal phone number (SIM card) and Bellgram phone number on your mobile. On the other hand, you can make calls from a different phone number so people will see a different phone number from the usual Bellgram number you have. This is used when business people call from a particular department and they want to show the department number as the CallerID and not their own Bellgram number. You can switch back and forth between your Bellgram number and department numbers from your Mobile phone:

Bellgram App >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Outbound CallerID

Why I see some logs on my personal phone app labeled “Bellgram”?

Those log entries labeled “Bellgram” on your personal phone log (“recent” on iPhone and “history” on Android) and should be ignored. Unfortunately we can’t delete those on the iPhone (restricted by Apple for now).

Can I forward calls coming to my Bellgram numbers to another phone number?

Unfortunately not for now but will be coming soon, please stay tuned! You can do the opposite though, i.e you can forward calls from a different phone number to a Bellgram phone number of course.

Can I make another team member as an Admin?

Yes for sure. It is advisable in fact to have at least another team member as an Admin, just in case you are busy, traveling or on vacation so you can satisfy any team member request that require Admin access. Go to admin.bellgram.com and look for the person you want to give access to from the list, switch the Admin toggle to ON.

How to turn off the Bellgram phone outside working hours or on Holidays while keeping my mobile device on?

To turn off Bellgram phone for any reason, so you will not be disturbed in a meeting or when you’re not working. Incoming calls will be directed to your Bellgram voicemail.

Go to Bellgram App >> Settings >> Do Not Disturb

You can also set your working days/hours, so any phone call outside those hours will go directly to your Bellgram voicemail:

Go to Bellgram App >> Settings >> Advanced Settings

Is there a limit to how many team members I can add to Bellgram?

No, there is no limit.

What’s the minimum data connection to get Bellgram to work on mobile?

Based on our experiments and feedback from our users, in order for the app to work you need 100 kbps.
In order to make good quality voice calls when you’re on Internet Calls (advised only when you’re roaming or in a low coverage area and your only option is Wifi), 100 kbps is Good.

We are using another phone system in the Company but we prefer Bellgram, what’s the easiest way to migrate/ transition to Bellgram?

Good choice! We can migrate the phone numbers from your current provider to Bellgram. Please fill out this form LINK. It may take X hours to process your request. Since Bellgram is a phone system in the cloud, no other special requirements are needed besides signing up to Bellgram and adding all your team members.

We have team members outside the US and Canada, can we still assign them US/Canada Numbers?

Yes, you can assign a US/Canada number to any of your team members, regardless of their preferred location/location of work.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can have in Bellgram?

No, the sky’s the limit!

Is there a limit to the number of departments I can create?

Technically no. For a Standard plan, you are charged $2/month for every department you create with a dedicated phone number. For a Premium plan, you can create up to 3 departments with associated dedicated phone numbers for free. After that, you will be charged $2/month for each additional department

Can I configure how long the incoming calls to the Company Mainline or department ring before it goes to voicemail?

Unfortunately no, but potentially soon. Stay tuned!

Why do I need to Setup my SIM number on my mobile?

It’s required for calling using your carrier minutes, which is the recommended setting (check above #XX). Unless you do that, you can only do internet calling from your mobile which works fine but may be less reliable depending on your data coverage on your mobile.

What happens when one of the contact details I imported change on my personal mobile phonebook, does it sync in Bellgram?

No it doesn’t sync to Bellgram unfortunately. May be something we could do later if it’s a requested feature. For now, the details of the contact imported from your personal phone book on your mobile may be different than the one in Bellgram.

What happens when a contact details change in SalesForce, does it change in Bellgram?

Yes indeed. It may take few seconds sometimes longer but it will be in sync.