We believe that voice conversations are still one of the most powerful form of communication for a business. Today's mobiles devices have missed out on the latest digital revolution when it comes to actual phone conversations. Bellgram is fixing that.

Bellgram's mission is to augment the conversation experience of business people and make it intelligent and useful. We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to make voice and text conversations more intelligent and useful.

Bellgram's team is hard at work to create real time intelligent tools to assist the caller with information and services that make the conversation indexable, searchable and hence more productive.

The company was created in 2015 when co-founder Will Kanaan realized, after many years working as a business executive, that phone and message apps today (whether native iOS, Android or any of the available third party apps), do not offer the business person the integrated communication capabilities needed by a modern company.

Leadership Team

The Bellgram core team is made of four passionate ex-Googlers. They saw the power of Google Voice for consumers and wanted to make a voice tool customized to the needs of modern teams with new ways of working.

Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & VP of Engineering
Co-founder & Chief Scientist
Principal Engineer & Security Officer

More Bellgram Heroes

Front-End Engineer
UI Designer
QA Engineer
Mobile Engineer - Android
Mobile Engineer - Android & iOS